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The IA Team - New Name, Same Mission 

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Insurance Advantage

We are trusted employee benefit advisors. We offer free consultations, and negotiate directly with the health insurance industry's top carriers on your behalf after we confidentially analyze your organization's data and present you with the best options.

Health insurance is a big business expense too! Do you allow other suppliers to continually increase your costs without any explanation?  Then why let insurance carriers and brokers increase your company's health care costs by 5%+ per year without any explanation??

Do you believe that insurance benefits can be managed? If so, then don’t accept the same old premium increases from your broker. Take back control with our advisors at Insurance Advantage! 

Our sole mission is to assist our clients in making the best decisions regarding their health insurance and employee benefit needs, and to have the greatest impact on the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

As an affiliate partner of Endeavor Insurance Services, we have partnered with the best in the industry to ensure that all avenues are explored to manage your entire employee benefit package.

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